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Thinking of Buying an Online Business?

If you are interested in buying an online business, you came to the right place. Kingmakers exists to help you find and buy your ideal company, and we also provide you with the tools you need to succeed post-acquisition.

We have a history of helping our partners find and acquire companies at 3-5x multiples in 4 months or less through our proprietary deal flow and diligence systems. Simply put, if there is a business out there with your name on it, we’ll help you find it fast and buy it competitively.

If you’re ready to learn more, we would love to ask you a few questions. If we can help, we’ll jump on a call!

I came to a workshop and got to learn about online business with the Kingmakers team. Within 2 months I was connected with a SaaS deal that my team has now more than doubled! We just signed a purchase agreement to exit the business for almost 2mm more than the purchase price — and only 2 years after buying. Thank you!
Dan Cumberland
Using systems and processes developed by the core team at Kingmakers, we were able to grow our business exponentially within the first 12 months after the acquisition. Our reseller revenue, ranked keywords, and traffic increased by a factor of almost 2x!
Heather Hart

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